Tenting on the Old Camp Ground

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This tune is a well-known song from the Civil War era, sung by Union and Confederate soldiers alike!

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A popular secular musician, Walter Kittredge wrote over 500 songs and ballads, many dealing with the American Civil War, including this gem from the era. With its “end the war” sentiment, it was popular on both sides of the conflict.

The first publisher rejected Kettredge’s song, but Kettredge got the last laugh when the published song sold over 10,000 copies in its first three months.

This arrangement is on the easy side of intermediate, and is a great piece for any history-themed recitals or showcases.

Full lyrics and historical information is available in the Special Notes section.

Key: C major

Mood: moderate, tinged with sadness

Pedagogy: Dotted eighth-sixteenth rhythms, syncopation

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1 review for Tenting on the Old Camp Ground

  1. Lori

    I love that James is making these old tunes available. I’m going to use this as choice piece material for the American Patriotic & Folk Song Event for Federation Festivals. Thanks, James!

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