Sonatina No. 1

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James L. King III’s Sonatina No. 1 is a wonderful 2-movement work that prepares students for the sonatinas of Clementi, Kullack, and Beethoven.

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James L. King III’s Sonatina No. 1 is a classical-style sonatina written in the tradition of Beethoven and Clementi.

The first movement is a lively sonata form allegro in C major with the development in A minor, using major, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales. The second movement is a lyrical triple-meter trio in G major

Recital-ready, it’s an ideal preparatory work for the sonatina masterworks by the great classical composers.

Key: C major, G major

Mood: refined, well-mannered

Pedagogy: major, harmonic minor, melodic minor scales; sonata-allegro form; multi-movement work.

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