Rush Hour

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This piece is part of the collection Styles & Smiles, Vol. 1.

The car horns and the relentless left-hand make this piece one that students have great time learning and playing!

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Rush Hour is a Glass-ian minimalist piece that your early intermediate students will be able to prepare quickly (it technically meets the criteria for a late elementary work), making it a terrific “emergency” recital piece. It is loads of fun to play and even more fun to listen to, thanks to the “car horns” placed throughout.

Key: C Major

Mood: Impatient, short-fuse

Pedagogy: melodic 5ths, accents, harmonic minor seconds.

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2 reviews for Rush Hour

  1. Chrisanne Holm

    I’ve been teaching this to several students this week – they are all loving it! One exclaimed, “This is gonna be FUN!” They TOTALLY get into the left hand rhythm and love “honking the horn” on F-sharp! Great piece!!

  2. Lisa

    Fun! Love the way the music captures the feel of being on the road and in traffic!

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