Prelude in G Minor

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Perfect for developing “Rach-stars” who demand to sound big! James L. King III’s Prelude in G Minor is far easier than it sounds, and is a piece that is guaranteed to impress. The management is not responsible for missing socks knocked off audience members who listen to a performance of this work.

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This piece sounds way too hard to be so easy! The damper pedal and lots of octave movement makes this piece sound “Rachmaninoff-huge” and absolutely impressive. It’s a great Romantic-Era-style recital piece that’s pattern-based that makes preparation and memorization very simple. This is one of those pieces students (and teachers) will want to keep under their fingers forever.

Key: G minor

Mood: serious, expressive

Pedagogy: octave movement, pedal, dynamic contrasts, controlled rubato

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2 reviews for Prelude in G Minor

  1. Julia Brown Vazquez

    Students love this piece! My students love playing this piece because it sounds much more difficult than it actually is. Their parents and friends are impressed, too!

  2. Lisa

    Wonderful! I use this piece with my students. It sounds a lot more difficult than it is, and is great for students who enjoy creating BIG sounds! A lot of fun, and a nice impressive recital piece, too.

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