Nova corda contritum

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Contemporary and accessible, this arpeggio piece will engage students and audiences!

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Arpeggios are often seen as dry, boring exercises that only pay off much later in piano study. But this contemporary piece (the title is “Modern Broken Chords” in English) makes arpeggios interesting, and maybe even a little fun! Special attention is given to the fingering of the arpeggios, but of course, teachers can alter what they need to as their studio needs dictate. While the piece looks daunting because of the wide range involved, it is very pattern-based and is quite achievable for intermediate students.

Key: pan-tonal (starts in A minor, but has multiple modulations. No key signature is indicated.)

Mood: agitated, trembling with fear

Pedagogy: arpeggios, laisser vibrer (let ring), pedaling

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