Music Box Waltz

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Music Box Waltz is a delightful elementary level waltz played in the very upper registers of the piano to mimic a mechanical music box. A very effective recital piece; even more advanced students will want to learn and perform it!

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Music Box Waltz is a substantial, recital-length piece (about 2½ minutes long), staying in C 5-finger position until the very end when there is a left hand crossover to play the very highest C on the piano! Students will be able to practice a gradual ritardando as the “music box” winds down. There is an optional rolled chord played with both hands over a fermata, which helps the piece sound fancy and dramatic (and more like a mechanical music box). For such an easy piece, it’s incredibly effective in performance.

Students are encouraged to listen to mechanical wind-up music boxes to get performance ideas.

Key: C major

Mood: delicate, happy

pedagogy: gradual ritardando, rolled chords, hand crossing, bringing out the melody, strict mechanical rhythm

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2 reviews for Music Box Waltz

  1. Yvonne

    A truly delightful and enchanting piece that will make any student shine at recital time.

  2. thibeau7

    Oh, what a sweet little piece for a young musician to play! I love it!

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