Midnight Beat

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Midnight Beat has an infectious groove that will get everyone snapping their fingers!  It’s sophisticated, fun, and one of James L. King III’s best jazzy pieces!

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This intermediate jazz work gets students working on inner voice leading in the right hand, and reading clef changes, as the melody stays in the middle of the piano. More advanced students can extend and improvise on this piece using the C blues scale. The melody is incredibly catchy, with a slight Cab Calloway/Brian Setzer sound, and will delight audiences anytime and anyplace!

Key: C minor

Mood: cool, swinging, sophisticated

Pedagogy: Blues scales, inner voice leading, clef changes

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1 review for Midnight Beat

  1. Anna Fagan

    I love this piece, and had a couple of students learn it last year. Can work well as a sort of Halloween piece, given the key, and title. Very sophisticated sound, I think.

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