Michié Bainjo

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This arrangement of the classic pre-ragtime syncopated New Orleans Creole song will get everyone toe-tapping!

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Also known as Monsieur Banjo and Mister Banjo, this short proto-ragtime traditional Creole song from New Orleans is incredibly rhythmic. Students will get to work on changing hand positions, using the thumb to play two white keys simultaneously, accents, staccato, and of course, syncopation! Pete Seeger sang a version of this piece in 1961, and it was sung as a part of the official celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation by tenor George Shirley.

Key: C Major

Mood: sassy, energetic, amused

Pedagogy: changing hand positions, accent, staccato, syncopation

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1 review for Michié Bainjo

  1. bloom.musicnotes

    This arrangement of Michie Bainjo is irresistable. It’s
    a great vehicle for understanding syncopation and eighth rests. The descending LH pattern is paired with thirds and the catchy RH melody. Those LH notes clearly show where the beat falls. Students can also play the LH chords in blocks or can play only the single notes (try doublestriking them to place a note on every beat) as they work through the rhythm.

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