Memory at Night

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A fantastic first nocturne, this piece develops rubato skills and students get experience in playing flats and naturals.

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This miniature nocturne for late elementary students (if it weren’t for the flats, it would be elementary level) provides practice and reinforcement for playing flats and in also developing an effective sense of rubato. Shifting between C major and C minor, the piece has a mysterious quality that sounds mature and sophisticated.

Key: C Major, C minor

Mood:  calm, thoughtful, mysterious

Pedagogy: flats, dynamics, ritardando, fermatas, rubato

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2 reviews for Memory at Night

  1. Colleen

    What a lovely little piece for late beginners! The tune stays within a C penta pattern but gives them practice in sharps & naturals as well. A pretty yet pedagogically sound first nocturne.

  2. Courtney

    My daughter loves this piece. She feels like she is playing “grown up” music but the level is perfect for her!

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