Major-Minor Rag

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Major-Minor Rag is a clever “King James” work that switches back and forth between C major and C minor and C major and C minor and C major and C minor and … you get the idea. This piece is major motivation (or minor motivation? Why not both?) for students and is fun for audiences.

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Is it major or is it minor? Whichever it is (or maybe it’s both!), this piece is great fun for pianist and audience! The constant back-and-forth between C major and C minor create nice melodic and harmonic twists that delight everyone who experiences this work! Diminished scales and plenty of accidentals keep students learning and applying new ideas.

Key: C major/C minor

Mood: bright and dark, carefree and intense, light and heavy, switching moods

Pedagogy: diminished scales, accidentals, staccato.

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