Hava Nagila

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You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this fun piece that lets students practice accelerandos!

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This popular Jewish dancing song, whose title means “Let Us Rejoice,” was probably composed around 1915 in Ottoman Palestine (present day Turkey). It was one of the first designed to unite the early Jews together after the Balfour Declaration set aside land that had been obtained from the Ottoman Empire which would eventually become a Jewish national homeland.

James L. King III’s arrangement is technically at a late elementary level (mostly 5-finger position, few hand position changes), but because the piece gradually gets faster as it is played and ends up fairly rapid, it has been graded as an early intermediate piece. That means that motivated students will have little difficulty with most of this piece, and it can be a good morale booster for someone who is tired of playing “elementary” music! It’s loads of fun to listen to and to play. Jewish students and parents will love playing music from their culture, and other students will enjoy the cross-cultural learning experience.

Key: A minor

Mood: happy, festive

Pedagogy: accelerando, sharps, staccato

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