First Blues

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Why not let your student’s first piece be fun and jazzy? First Blues can be played at the very first lesson, or at the trial/interview lesson. It is an impressive beginning to piano lessons.

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First Blues is so simple it can be completely mastered by some students in just one lesson, yet it sounds surprisingly sophisticated and “pro” with the teacher duet or with the included backing performance tracks. Ideal for introducing the concept of improvisation. This is an exceptional and impressive first recital piece for beginners! More advanced students can use this piece to explore pentatonic scales.

Two versions are included: One in Eb major, with the student playing black keys, engraved as a pre-reading piece; and one in A major, with the student playing white keys which have the letter names placed inside the notes.

MP3 performance tracks and MIDI files are included for maximum flexibility and total fun.

Key: Eb (black key), A (white key) no key signatures indicated.

Mood: jazzy and bluesy

Pedagogy: finger numbers, black key groupings, basic rhythms, ensemble playing

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2 reviews for First Blues

  1. Genevieve Radley

    I love this series of jazz arrangements.

  2. Barbara

    Fun times at the first piano lesson and beyond! Love this piece! Students of all ages and levels enjoy this piece as a solo and with the accompaniment duet! This piece can be taught by rote to beginning students at the first lesson and they are playing jazz right off the bat. Students who are further along enjoy this piece for sight-reading. New student ran out to the car after his lesson the other day, saying, “HEY MOM! I CAN PLAY JAZZ!”

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