Dance of the Limping Skeleton

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This melodic minor mixed-meter “treat” tricks listeners by having a flowing major-key 3/4 contrasting section!

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There are a few tricks and lots of treats for intermediate students in this Halloween-themed piece! This piece is mostly in 5/4, which is why the skeleton dances with a limp! Both hands get a chance to play the staccato melody which includes a little syncopation and a lot of melodic minor scales. The contrasting section startles the listener with a flowing triple meter melody in G major.

Students who had success with Black Cat will find that this piece is a great sequel.

Keys: G minor, G major

Mood: mysterious and rhythmic, then flowing and lyrical in the contrasting section.

Pedagogy: syncopation, staccato, 5/4 time, melodic minor scales.

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