Coronado Suite

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Composed especially for (and during) the 2018 MTNA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL, this suite is an exceptional concert-level work for late intermediate and early advanced performers. Any movement may be played individually, or together as a complete performance suite.

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This suite was composed one movement per day for the 2018 MTNA Annual Conference, which was held at the Coronado Springs Resort in Walt Disney World.

Francisco Coronado was a Spanish explorer in the 16th century who was searching for a legendary Seven Cities of Gold, which he thought to be in Western North America. After two years of searching Mexico and the area now part of the southwestern United States, he was led to an area called Quivira (which is close to present day Kansas) and upon finding nothing more of value than a copper pendant, left in debt and disgrace. This suite tells part of Coronado’s story.

Movement 1, The Expedition Begins, is bold, with plenty of key changes and octave movement.

Movement 2, Golden Dreams on the Colorado River, is a lush, late-romantic waltz with chromatic countermelodies and extended jazz-influenced harmonies.

Movement 3, Disappointment at Quivira, features a lyrical melody with dark chords, punctuated with moments of rhythmic activity.


Key: varies

Mood: bold, lush, grand, regretful

Pedagogy: pedaling, octave movement, modulations, extended harmonies, extreme dynamics

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