Ceremonial March

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Ceremonial March is a great supplement and recital piece for students just about to finish their primer method book. It uses landmarks C4 and G4 (Middle C and Treble G), melodic intervals of seconds and thirds, repeat signs, forte/piano dynamics, basic rhythms, and an engaging optional teacher duet part.

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Ceremonial March is a primer-level piece with teacher duet suitable for recitals or any occasion where a processional march is desired. (The composition was written as the wedding processional for the composer’s sister.) The piece centers around the landmarks treble G and middle C, with the melody moving by seconds or thirds within the hands. The student part includes only quarter notes, half notes and whole notes. Forte and piano dynamics are present, as is a repeat sign that is not at the end of the piece. This composition will be one that you use over and over in your studio.

Key: C Major

Mood: Stately and elegant

Pedagogy: landmark notes, dynamic contrasts, repeats

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice! Good March feel

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