Central Casting

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It’s not necessary to break any arms to play this forearm cluster composition! Primer students learn about high and low pitches, forte and piano dynamics, and basic note values.

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This piece was specifically composed for a student who was starting piano lessons even though both of his arms were broken and in casts, which is why the piece has been given its title.

(Broken arms are not a requirement to play this piece, but the piece is useful for beginning students who happen to have one or both arms broken.)

Using forearm clusters on white and black keys, primer students are able to learn about high and low pitches on the piano as well as forte and piano dynamics. The teacher stays in the middle of the piano playing the duet part and the student will walk back and forth from the treble side to the bass side of the piano to play their part.

The teacher part is calm and soothing to help minimize the uncomfortable dissonances that happen with forearm clusters.

Key: bitonal cluster composition (C major/F# major)

Mood: uplifting, calm

Pedagogy: high and low pitch placement, forte and piano dynamics, basic rhythm values

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