Calle Ocho

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You’ll be dancing in the aisles when you hear the sounds of Little Havana!

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The heart of Little Havana in Miami is SW 8th Street, known to those in Miami as Calle Ocho. It is a vibrant community of restaurants, nightlife, shopping, gaming (dominoes is the most popular), and music. While this salsa-inspired number has a number of rhythmic challenges for late intermediate performers, it’s a little easier than In Old Havana.

Key: C major

Mood: excited, passionate, animated

Pedagogy: syncopation, staccato, samba rhythm

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2 reviews for Calle Ocho

  1. Kristi Balding

    I love this solo! I have been challenged by the syncopated rhythms in each hand and in combination with each other. This is totally out of my usual genre of music. It has been so much fun!

    I have 2 students working on this piece also. We are all enjoying a little competition!!! In case I didn’t say it yet, it is SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Natale Farrell

    Fun piece with advanced rhythms!

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