Bunny Hop Rag

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This adorable and fun early intermediate rag has lots of octave leaps and minor seconds. It’s great for spring and summer recitals!

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Early intermediate players will feel like “million-hares” playing this unique number by James L. King III. (How do you catch a unique rabbit? Unique up on it!) Full of playful minor seconds, consistent syncopations that reinforce the rhythmic pattern and right hand octave leaps, Bunny Hop Rag provides lots of pedagogical value while being a rabbit-“hole lot” of fun! (Why did the rabbit build a new house? He was fed up with the hole thing!) No one has to wait for “leap year” to learn this charming piece; anyone can start playing it “ear and now!” Teachers, “jump-start” your studio with Bunny Hop Rag, and you’re sure to bring smiles to your student’s faces. It’s pure “24-carrot” gold fun! (Why don’t rabbits make good sailors? Because they’re always jumping ship!)

Key: C Major

Mood: happy, playful

Pedagogy: harmonic minor seconds, syncopation, octave leaps.

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