Black Cat

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This piece is part of the collection Styles & Smiles, Vol. 1.

Black Cat by James L. King III is a clever late-elementary showstopper with dramatic crescendos, sneaky staccatos, two-note slurs, and octave jumps galore! Ideal for Halloween, but is a fun recital piece for any time of year!

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Black Cat is one of those pieces that is exceptionally fun to play and even more fun to watch! Late elementary students get to practice reading flats with a soft, staccato style, then leading to either surprise accents at the end of the line or a series of octave hand crossovers, including a fabulous finale where the performer gets to play every C on the piano!

Key: C minor (no key signature, accidentals only)

Mood: mysterious, curious, surprising

Pedagogy: staccato touch, two-note slurs, octave jumps, crescendos, accents.

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