Alter Ego

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Will the hero save the day in the nick of time? You’ll have to learn this story-piece to find out!

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This superhero themed piece tells a story, similar to A Night at the Silent Movies. This piece is on the easy side of early intermediate, with a number of tempo and mood changes. Opening with a Mozart-ian “mild mannered” theme, it then moves to a contemporary anxious signal for help. The hero rushes to change into his superhero outfit, and then emerges with a glorious fanfare that is reminiscent of the 1940s Superman cartoons.

Students may get inspired to create their own superhero drama to match the music!

Key: C major

Mood: mild-mannered, anxious, victorious, and mild-mannered once again.

Pedagogy: accelerando, ritardando, repeat signs, pedaling, accidentals

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3 reviews for Alter Ego

  1. Gloria

    james’ music is so playable! And appreciated. I love it!

  2. panharmonicmusicstudio

    I love all of your music! Thank you!

  3. Jennifer Foxx

    I’m really excited to use this in correlation with an upcoming summer camp! I loved A Night at the Silent Movies and am looking forward to this one as well! 🙂

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