Theme from Sonata K.331 (Mozart)

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The well-known theme from Mozart’s Sonata K.331 gets a special duet treatment for elementary to late elementary students.

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The theme from the first movement of Mozart’s Sonata K.331 is one of Wolfgang’s most recognizable and cherished melodies. James L. King III’s duet arrangement for late elementary players (it’s not really not far out of the reach of elementary players) offers students reinforcement in dotted-quarter-eighth note rhythms, hand position changes, and scale fingering. The entire theme has been arranged, unlike many early-level arrangements of this melody that just use the first half of the theme. The piece is engraved with a “facing pages” layout.

Key: C Major

Mood: sweet, enchanting

Pedagogy: dotted quarter-eighth note rhythms, 16th notes (in Primo, optional), scale fingering, limited hand position changes, ensemble playing

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1 review for Theme from Sonata K.331 (Mozart)

  1. Katarina Stjerngren

    All my elementary students, children and adults alike, love this equal level duet arrangement of the transposed theme from Mozart´s A major sonata. Great piece.

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