Snuffleplop, The

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This equal-level primer pre-reading duet about the mythical Snuffleplop is fun and recital-ready!

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The Snuffleplop is a creature invented by the composer’s first cousins once-removed, Nora Etheredge (aged 5 at the time of creation) and Lila Etheredge (aged 3 at the time of creation). The opening lyric was the creation of the children, and the remaining lyrics were created from the questions asked about the mythical creature.

The duet is another one of James King’s pre-reading primer duets, requiring only the black keys to perform. In this duet, both parts follow the melodic rhythm so children can sing along.

It’s a recital-ready fun time for everyone!

Key: F#/Gb Major (Black key pre-reading notation)

Mood: joyful

Pedagogy: ensemble playing, repeats, basic note values, finger numbers

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