Kerfuffle Shuffle

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This piece may very well be the most fun you’ve ever had at a recital!

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This duet is so much fun to play, you might say everyone will have an “uffle-ly” good time! Based on 12-bar blues with a Big Band boogie-woogie left hand pattern in the Secondo, Kerfuffle Shuffle has lots of staccato chords that represent playful “fighting” between the two piano parts. This is a sure-fire recital winner; be sure you know it well enough to play it again when the crowd yells “ENCORE!”

Key: G major

Mood: happy, playful, excited

Pedagogy: swing rhythm, sforzato and marcato accents, staccato, tenuto, ensemble playing

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2 reviews for Kerfuffle Shuffle

  1. bloom.musicnotes

    Kerfuffle Shuffle has enough rhythmic challenge to boost a feeling of accomplishment, especially when the two players mesh just so. It’s a handy piece for working on sub-division. The rollicking motifs are infectiously fun. The title and cover page fit this snappy music to a T.

  2. Anna Fagan

    I have a couple of High School boys preparing this for our Spring Recital — SUCH fun, both to play and to listen to! Thanks for creating a duet in which each player gets an equal share of melody/accompaniment.

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