Note the Color, Vol. 1

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John Franek offers beginning students 7 creative and clever miniatures to develop technique and musicianship beyond what would be expected at the student’s level. Teachers can teach these pieces by rote or by reading. Each piece has an “color imagination” question to help students create and tell their own musical stories in the pieces.

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Note the Color, Volume 1 , is a collection of seven imaginative, progressive pieces created for students from the primer through late elementary levels.

The Note the Color series presents new sound experiences for the student through the perspective of color. As they play each piece and master it, they are encouraged to imagine colors related to the title and to the overall sound of the piece.

Artistry is introduced through a special emphasis on how to attain the desired sound. Teachers should show students by rote how to perform the musical elements explored that they may not yet have learned in their method book. When the element is formally introduced, the student will already have had experience playing that dynamic, articulation, phrasing, and/or rhythm correctly.

Carefully crafted phrases provide the student a miniature world within each piece to explore, and provide enough space for them to honestly express themselves within the selections.

Key: varies. (Includes one black key pre-reading piece.)

Mood: varies

Pedagogy: staccato, phrasing, dynamic shading, developing individuality in musicianship.

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